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Our team of seasoned grant writers and strategists bring an informed perspective to the grant writing process. We understand that grants are an essential funding source for many of our partners, which is why we collaborate with them through the entire life-cycle of grant-funded projects. After spending time learning about our partners’ long-term goals and vision, we work together to identify mission-aligned funding opportunities and assess the feasibility of new ideas, opportunities, and programs. 

Once our discovery process is complete, we help our partners win grants by offering further grant research, writing and editing support, workshops and training, and grant administration and management. 

How we work with communities

Grant strategy and research

We help our partners understand how their projects and capacity fit into the timing and availability of funding sources. We help them build a strategy around pursuing the right opportunities at the right time, and develop a competitive approach that will result in them meeting their strategic goals.

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Grant development and writing support

We provide a full range of services that help clients navigate and manage the grant-writing process. We help partners design winning projects that can adapt to their funders’ priorities, build project management plans, provide workshops to improve our partners’ internal grant writing capacity, and help ensure proposals pass technical reviews and are not disqualified based on errors, omissions, or technical flaws.

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Grant administration

We support the integration of outside funding sources into our partners’ management system. We ensure the recipient organization meets the award’s terms and conditions, objectives, and accountability requirements. Whether the need is for a full-service grant manager or a technical consultation to set up a new grant administration system, our team helps with ongoing grant administration needs. 

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Our team supported six successful Build to Scale grant applications in 2022 totaling $12.9M.

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