Unleashing the Potential

of Rural America


We help our partners find opportunity in rural America through strategic consulting, digital economy ecosystem development, and custom geospatial tools.

Rural Innovation Strategies, Inc (RISI) is dedicated to helping clients bring prosperity and investment to rural areas in the digital age.

We use data-driven strategies, modern geospatial tools, and deep experience in rural economies to develop new modes of rural economic development for communities and stakeholder organizations. Our core activities are as follows.

Custom mapping tool creation

Mapping and geospatial analysis tools are powerful instruments to help understand opportunities across geographies. With our extensive knowledge of rural economies, markets, and trends, we help our partners design and build mapping tools to implement rural engagement strategies.

Data analytics

We live in a world full of data, and rural areas are no exception. However, deriving insights from rural socioeconomic datasets takes special considerations due to the inherent challenges in rural data coverage, data granularity, and the relative sparseness of the population. Our strategy team and talented data scientists can help you understand it all.

Site selection and deployment strategy

Site selection in rural America requires a comprehensive understanding of socioeconomic trends and on-the-ground conditions today, and sophisticated anticipation of how rural areas will change in the coming decades. Whether you are deploying new technology, expanding programming, or making investments, we can help you determine exactly where to deploy.

Digital economy ecosystem creation

Many rural community leaders have realized that for their towns to stay economically healthy and competitive, they need to include digital workers in their local economy. Digital economy ecosystems have sprung up naturally in cities, but with some strategic programming and partnerships, small towns can embrace digital economies as well. Our organization can help you design and implement all the elements needed for a full, self-sustaining digital economy ecosystem.

Downtown stack-smaller

We're launching the Rural Innovation Initiative to help communities rapidly build capacity to create resilient, innovation-based jobs. Visit the Rural Innovation Initiative website to learn more.

Want to learn more about our work, or explore whether digital economy ecosystem development is right for your town? Contact us here.