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Custom Mapping and Data Visualization

To illustrate the challenges and opportunities in rural America, we create custom mapping and data visualization tools that help policymakers, investors, nonprofits, academics, journalists, and local change agents better understand and share what’s happening in small towns and communities across the country.

We understand deriving insights from data on rural areas takes special consideration due to the inherent challenges in coverage, granularity, and the relative sparseness of populations spread over large land areas.

With our extensive knowledge of rural economies, markets, and trends, we help our partners design and build geospatial tools to implement rural engagement strategies.

Our Process:

Strategy + User Research:

Engagements begin with a thorough discovery process to understand our clients’ current and future needs—this informs our process and the datasets we’ll leverage throughout the collaboration. We have evaluated and collected hundreds of datasets relating to all aspects of rural economic development, including demographics, employment, energy, housing, infrastructure, and more.

Data Collection + Analysis:

Once our clients’ needs have been determined and the project goals have been established, we begin researching the datasets and visualizations that will be most relevant and meaningful to the end user. Throughout this iterative process, we conduct exploratory data analysis and prototype different visualizations to identify what is most compelling until we find the best solution.

Data Visualizations + Geospatial Tools

Many of our engagements culminate with the delivery of different visualization tools that include but are not limited to custom internal reports, exploratory maps and dashboards, interactive story maps, or custom web applications.

See What Our Partners Are Saying:

“RISI’s combination of data visualization expertise and strategy consulting helped us explore and deploy useful and innovative tools to serve communities as part of our affordable housing mission.”

- Sam Lipshutz, Product Manager, Fannie Mae

"We came to them with an idea on studying Deaths of Despair and an idea of where to get the data. The CORI team figured out the best way to analyze it and explored with us different ways of and presenting it. They were always open to suggestions. Our funder loved the work. Not only will we continue to work with them on that project, but on new projects with other grantees, as well.”

- Dante, Chini

"RISI's deep domain knowledge of regional data mapping enabled us to develop the health preparedness index, which is being used by public health officials to understand the impact of the pandemic on the local healthcare infrastructure"

- Francesco Marconi, co-founder, CEO Applied XL

Read more about rural data and mapping through our sister organization, the Center On Rural Innovation